Toni Okujeni

Toni was born on the 24th January 1962 and earned his Higher National Diploma in Painting from the School of Art and Design, Auchi Polytechnic in 1983.


He worked with the African Guardian Magazine as illustrator before embarking on full-time studio practice.


Toni has his early inspiration from the work of Vincent Van Gogh and his works are among those with the richest palette from the school.


His favorite subject are crowded market scenes and roof tops with lots of movement done in heavy impastos of the palette knife as a technique and style of painting which has made his works acceptable to wide range of audience.


He has participated in several group shows, some of includes Accenture Nigeria, Asilah Forum Foundation Morocco and gallery Yacine-Dakar. His works are in many private and public collections.



  1. Illustrator/designer the Guardian Magazine: 1986
  2. Studio artist- 1987 till date.


  1. Nigerian contemporary cartoons United State Information Center, Lagos 1986
  2. Treasure House Saloon- 1989
  3. Treasure house exhibition- 1989
  4. Exhibition of art, Shell Club Warri- 1991
  5. 2 men show Leventis Foundation Centre- 1992
  6. Colour masters, Didi museum, Lagos- 1993
  7. The way we are- NiconNoga Abuja- 1994
  8. Impastoes something special gallery Lagos – 1995
  9. Valley of decision- National Museum- 1996
  10. Ecole de Dakar exhibition- GalerieYassine 1998
  11. One man show- GalerieYassine 1998
  12. Assilah Forum Exhibition- Morocco- 1998
  13. Exhibition of painting- Polo Club Lagos 1999
  14. Group show Ikoyi Tennis Club- 2000
  15. “Highlight” Pastel exhibition- 2001
  16. Accenture open house exhibition 2002
  17. “The professionals” exhibition 2002
  18. Exhibition, Nicosia, Cyprus 2003
  19. Group exhibition, Athens, 2004
  20. Gold Price Colours master 2 National Musuem Lagos, 2005
  21. Biennale 2006- YassineArts Center- Dakar
  22. Guest of Typic Arts gallery – Biennale Dak’ Art 2008
  23. Exhibitions in Belgium and Morocco in 2009
  24. Exhibition at Martha Gallery in Jo’Burg- April and December 2010
  25. Exhibition at Martha Gallery in London – march
  26. Exhibition Biennale Dak’ Art 2010 with Typic Arts Gallery- Dakar
  27. Biennale dl’ Art AfricaincontemporainDak’Art 2012
  28. Three man show National Musuem, Onikan, Lagos 2012
  29. Dakar Women Group, Art show- March 13, 2013
  30. Treasure House Gallery, Lagos 2013
  31. ‘Transcending Boundaries’ organized by Aabru Art in London, UK 2014, 2015